Game of Tones: Bluesbreaker Clone

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Bluesbreaker Clone

The Game of Tones is a modified version of the often-cloned Marshall Bluesbreaker^ overdrive pedal. The main differences include: hard diode clipping to virtual ground (instead of feedback loop), a diode type toggle switch, and the addition of pot to control the high-end frequencies (Presence). Most any mod that works on a Bluesbreaker^ will work here.

Download the Game of Tones file pack. Contains: Schematic image, PCB layout image, legacy PCB build guide document with notes, and Eagle CAD files. This is a pretty fun Bluesbreaker clone project.

^ = Brand and product names are used for reference only and remain the property of their respective corporate overlords. No affiliation of any kind regarding this project with any commercial brand, product, or company is either expressed or implied.