Accufunkture Envelope Filter – Sony A7III

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Did a quick photo sessions for this most excellent envelop filter pedal from the boys at Function f(x). This one is called the Accufunkture, an obvious reference to both funk music and the Eastern medicine discipline of acupuncture.

Photo details: Camera: Sony A7III | Lens: Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 | ISO 200; f/3.5 ; 1/125

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From the pedal company web site, here are the details of the pedal:

“The Accufunkture is an envelope-controlled filter effect (auto-wah). We started with the classic Mutron Micro V circuit and added the features we think modern music makers deserve. The result is a responsive, highly configurable envelope filter made for today’s artist. And it works great in tandem with our Clusterfuzz driving the front end.

The Accufunkture envelope filter sports Sensitivity, Decay, and Attack controls that tune the envelope, as well as a Hi/Lo switch that adjust the corner frequency of the filter.

As with all Function f(x) pedals, the Accufunkture features a soft-touch, relay-based true bypass switching system.”

Here’s a demo video of the pedal, if you are curious as to what it sounds like: