Function f(x) - Pedal Company

I have neglected to mention that I, along with four other partners (include none other than madbean himself), have launched a guitar pedal company: Function f(x)

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Instagram: @function_fx
Twitter: @function_fx

Site Cleanup: Done (pretty much)

I have re-posted images, PDFs, and ZIPs for everything I could find. Old projects for which I could not find the files...well, they got deleted from the site.

I will be releasing some new projects soon, so stay tuned. Probably will do a site redesign as well (or at least a theme refresh).

Site Cleanup in Progress

Just a little note to let people know I am trying to restore the lost images and documents on my older effects projects hosted here. Somehow the files got deleted and there was a failure in the backup. Looking for old copies on a few ancient computers so I can restore. Will post another update when this is complete.

Shared PCBs on

I thought I would share a link to my shared projects on (a place you can order just a few PCBs for relatively low prices). Here it is:

And here are some shared project from some other DIY guys:

Shoot the Moon Tremolo - Eagle Files

Attached are my Eagle CAD files for the Shoot the Moon Tremolo (STM) project. You can use these files to modify the circuit and/or board layout, or you can order circuit boards from places like

These are free to use for any purpose, whether for hobby or profit. Enjoy! But don't be emailing me asking how to use Eagle. I don't have time for that shit. :)

> Click Here for the STM Eagle CAD Files <<

If you sell PCBs or pedals, take a close look at your twitter followers...

If you're running a small business that sells pedals or even just PCBs for hobbyists pedal builders, double-check your twitter followers to make sure you don't have any patent law firms or patent intelligence companies following you.

If you have even a minimal presence on twitter, I highly recommend you do some occasional analytics on your list of followers (and also on who you are following). Here are a couple great, free tools to help out:

Great places to buy effects PCBs

There are some great new effects PCB businesses springing up lately, so I thought I'd take the time to list them. These are all solid, reputable dealers.

GrindCustoms FX:

1776 Effects:

JMK Effects:

And of course, everyone's favorite:

Madbean Pedals:

New Effects Site for Eagle CAD Users:

The title pretty much says it all. There is a new hot-shit DIY effects site that is focused on sharing files and information for using Eagle CAD software to create schematics and PCB layouts. Check it out:

Several of the projects here are also available on Pedal Geeks as Eagle files.

Effects Project: Neptune Delay

My first real delay project!

Here is my two cents thrown in to the bucket of PT2399-based delay circuits. It features aggressive low-pass filtering on the delay line to virtually eliminate the nasty artifacts that often plague PT2399 delays; and it also sports a momentary footswitch that modulates the delay time, allowing for some cool pitch-bending sounds and really funky detune effects.

Click here for the full low-down on the Neptune Delay, including a short demo video.

Effects Project: Optical Tremolo

Here's a really fun take on the much-loved Tremulus Lune optical tremolo. I paired down the complexity of the LFO to rein in the pedal to a manageable four total pots. I also added more filtering and isolation to keep it as quiet as possible (no LFO ticking).

Check out the Shoot The Moon optical trem project.