Effects Project: Whisker Biscuit

I made up a new PCB layout for the Whisker Biscuit, a Muff-like circuit developed by runoffgroove.com. Details on their site:

If you love the sound of a transistor Big Muff, you simply must build this one. It nails the classic Muff tone, but with far few components.

The tone control is the same as that of any standard Muff, so any relevant mods (flat mids switch, etc) will work on the Whisker Biscuit as well.

I'm working on a proper build document that will include a list of mods, but it is not yet complete. In the meantime, you can get the schematic, layout, and transfer artwork here in this zip archive.

Professionally fabricated PCBs will be available in my shop in a few weeks. So for those of you who don't etch or would prefer a pro board, the boards will be ready soon. They will have a green solder mask, silkscreen printing for parts layout, and plated (double-sided) through holes.