Shoot The Moon - Optical Tremolo

For your enjoyment, here is a tremolo that is pretty much identical to the Tremulus Lune, but with 2 fewer LFO pots. I think 4 knobs for a tremolo is plenty, and if you like the idea of the Lune but think it's got too much going on, this project is one you will want to pursue. Verified stripboard (vero) layouts are shown below.

Here is the full schematic.

Other changes I made from the stock Lune:

• I changed a few parts values to make them a bit more "standard"
• I added a resistor (R16) and cap (C7) to isolate the LFO from the audio path. It might be overkill, but I like to err on the side of caution to avoid LFO ticking.
• I ditched the 9v regulator. I see why it would be there, but if 9v is the specified input voltage, a 9v regulator doesn't really make a lot of sense. Usually you need to give a regulator a volt or two more than its rated output to get to work properly. So I just got rid of it.
• I switched the input and output caps from electrolytic to film caps. However, if you are making your own layout, you can still use electrolytics if you wish, of course.

Here is a demo from "saxoftenest" at the BYOC forum: