Electra Distortion -- 2 layouts (point-to-point)

Here is the classic Electra Distortion rendered in a point-to-point style layout. This is suitable for eyelet or turret board. You could even rig it up on a set of terminal strips.

Layout is verified. "BCE" refers to transistor pin/lead designations. I used a 2N3414, because it has a pinout of BCE, rather than the standard CBE of most modern plastic-case transistors. But anything with a gain of around 200 or so hFE will work just fine.


I also thought it would be fun to do a kinda/sorta point-to-point looking layout on perfboard. My goals were to pick a circuit that sounded good and would also fit on a small perfboard that you can get at RadioShack. The Electra Distortion was a natural choice.

So here is a layout that meets the above criteria. You should be able to get all the parts for this (even the pot) at RadioShack.

Layout is verified.

I got the original schematic here: