Bazz Fuss - Eyelet Layout

The venerable Bazz Fuss (originally by Hemo P., whoever that is) is probably the lowest parts count fuzz you can make. A total of five components yields a very heavy, yet dynamic, fuzz. I decided it would be a good candidate for a small eyelet/turret layout, and here we are.

I got the schematic from the old Home Wrecker site (now Runoff Groove), and went with V2 of the schem there:

There are lots of nice build notes there, so please read up and get your fill.

I built one to the above specs, and I think if I had to do it over (which I'm sure I will), I'd go with a 1uf cap on the input instead. But that's because I used an oddball diode I had laying around, and it's forward voltage is about 1.0V. Still, you should breadboard this first to see how much bass you want before committing.